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Q: How much does it cost for one treatment of the Clearwater Program?

A: An exact price cannot be quoted for either until the site has been visited by an applicator. The growth has to be examined to determine the type of chemical or biological method needed to control it, which in turn determines the cost. 


Q: Do you need to use chemicals?

A: Chemicals are only needed if biological or mechanical means have not worked. Chemicals are quick, effective, and come at a lower cost, so they tend to be used more frequently.


Q: Do you treat cattails?

A: Yes, treatment can be done starting in July, until the first killing frost.

(See Pond & Lake Services/Cattail Control


Q: Do you treat Japanese knotweed?

A: Yes, A-TIP Control, Inc. is experienced in the treatment of Japanese Knotweed.

(See Terrestrial & Wetland Management/Terrestrial Weeds & Invasive Plants)

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