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If your pond or lake needs a makeover, call us at (585) 335-9299 to set up an on-site consultation. Since no two ponds are the same; a consultation allows us to analyze current issues with your pond and determine the most environmentally sound and cost-efficient management plan. Consultation fees start at $50, depending on the distance. We’ll waive the consultation fee if you go on to have your lake or pond treated by us or purchase $150 worth of bacteria and/or dye.

Aquatic Weeds and Invasive Plants

If you find these species of plants in your pond or lake, contact A-Tip Control today. We have been removing invasive plants and weeds for over 30 years.

Herbicide / Algaecide Treatments

We offer a wide array of different chemical treatment options, and will find the perfect product for your particular needs. Our team at A-Tip Control is fully trained and licensed to apply herbicides and algaecides safely and properly. When used properly, these products will not hurt you, your family, or the environment and can often be the best line of defense against an unruly pond. We use chelated copper rather than copper sulfate in our treatments, which gives longer control with less environmental impact. We combine naturally occurring biological additives with our chelated copper treatments to speed up the decomposition of decaying algae.

Biological Controls

Biological treatment options work by adding a naturally occurring biologic agent to your water body. These biologic products remove excess nutrients, which is the cause of many water problems, from the water column. They can also reduce the organic material or “muck” on the bottom of your lake or pond. The use of these products can help to reduce the growth of algae over time. Please note that biologic products do not kill or control algae.

Seasonal Maintenance Program

We offer a variety of seasonal maintenance programs for water bodies that require continuous upkeep throughout the season; a perfect choice for golf courses, resorts, homeowners and lake associations, and even private homeowners. Ongoing maintenance is the best way to keep your lake or pond looking its absolute best all season long.


Our seasonal maintenance programs typically run from May 1st through September 1st with the option to extend into the fall if needed. We offer several different maintenance packages; each one includes all herbicides, algaecides, and colorants in the price.

Fountains and Aeration

Adding a fountain or aerator can be one of the best ways to upgrade your lake or pond. Fountains and aeration systems provide a multitude of benefits to your water body; improving water quality, heightening habitat value for fish and wildlife, decreasing algae blooms, and adding aesthetic value. Adding a fountain or aeration system to a body of water is a proactive management technique. Rather than treating the problem once it has occurred, it can help fix the underlying cause of issues within your water body. We offer many different options for fountains and aerators, and can provide you with the perfect setup for your pond or lake. We can handle all aspects of installation and maintenance for the systems we provide. All our fountains and aerators come with a warranty, guaranteeing they will serve you for years to come.

Cattail Control

Are the cattails growing around your lake or pond obstructing your view? Making it difficult to go boating, swimming, or just enjoy your water body? Let us help! A-Tip Control has several options to remove those cattails for you.


Our typical cattail herbicide treatment consists of two parts; an initial application followed by a touch-up application 2-3 weeks later to ensure maximum control. Cattails will typically begin to die off within 7-10 days of the initial application. Spraying for cattails begins in July and continues to the first killing frost.


In addition to herbicide treatments, we also offer physical cutting and removal of cattails. The cattails will be moved down and can be removed from the site. We offer cattail cutting year round, and offer a discount for cutting during the winter when the water body is frozen over.


Many customers opt for a package of combined treatment and cutting. Cattails will be sprayed with herbicide to kill them, and then the dead standing cattail is cut and removed. This is the most efficient method for permanent removal.

Pond and Lake Mapping/Water Analysis

A-Tip Control offers pond and lake mapping using our state of the art sonar mapping program. We can provide you with fully accurate bathymetric maps of your lake or pond; showing you everything from depth profiles to weed density. Our top of the line mapping system is a great aid when applying for restricted use permits.


We also provide complete water analysis for your lake or pond. We can discover the underlying cause of problems with your water body. This allows us to find the best long term solution to restore your lake or pond. We can provide analysis data on algae growth, nutrients loads, and general water quality.

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