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Pond and Lake Management

If your pond or lake needs a makeover, call us at (585) 335-9299 to set up an on-site consultation. Since no two ponds are the same; a consultation allows us to analyze current issues with your pond and determine the most environmentally sound and cost efficient management plan. Consultation fees start at $50, depending on the distance. We'll waive the consultation fee if you go on to have your lake or pond treated by us or purchase $150 worth of bacteria and/or dye.

Call A-Tip Control at 585 335-9299 if your pond or lake needs a  makeover

Aquatic Weeds and Invasive Plants - Common nuisance plants you may see in our area and harmful invasive plants to be on the lookout for.

Herbicide/Algaecide Treatments - Options for chemically controlling undesirable vegetation or algae in your lake or pond.

Biological Controls - Options for using naturally occurring biological elements to help control your pond.

Seasonal Clearwater Program - Our regular maintenance program for complete regular care of your pond or lake.

Fountains and Aeration - Adding fountains or aerators to your water body can help to control plants as well as improve aesthetics.

Cattail Control - We have several options to remove cattails from your lake or pond.

Pond and Lake Mapping/Water Analysis - Let us provide a professional analysis or mapping of your pond using our state of the art technology.