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Terrestrial and Wetland Management
Management Techniques

We utilize several different methods for removal of terrestrial or wetland plants and can combine different methods for a complete removal and restoration package.


Herbicide Spraying

Can be performed from a utility vehicle mounted sprayer on larger sites, or with a backpack sprayer for smaller areas, or areas with sensitive vegetation mixed in.

Herbicide Spraying

Herbicide Spraying
Herbicide Spraying

Mechanical Removal: Vegetation can be cut and physically removed from the site, typically done after an herbicide application. Depending on the site we can remove using hand tools or equipment.
Mechanical Removal
Mechanical Removal

"Cut Stump" Treatment

This is a method where we first cut the plants, and then apply herbicide directly to the remaining stump.

Cut Stump Treatment

Hand Wicking for areas with sensitive plants mixed in

Hand Wicking

Using a saturated glove to apply herbicide directly to the surface of a specific individual plant, a great option for areas with sensitive plants mixed in.


Post Treatment Restoration: After removing an unwanted plant from an area, we can provide seeding and planting of the disturbed area to encourage growth of favorable native plants and discourage regrowth of invasives.