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Pond and Lake Management
Herbicide/Algaecide Treatments

Herbicides are chemicals used to control aquatic weeds; including submerged underwater plants, emergent plants protruding from the water, or floating plants on the water's surface. Herbicides can be used to restore a water body that has been taken over by unsightly mats of aquatic vegetation; giving you the freedom to boat, swim, or simply enjoy the aesthetics of your water body.

Herbicides are used to control aquatic weeds

Algaecides are a chemical that specifically targets and controls algae. Algae is one of the most common aquatic problems; typically a result of an unbalanced ecoysystem where nutrient content has been elevated and oxygen levels reduced.
Algaecides target and control algae
We offer a wide array of different chemical treatment options, and will find the perfect product for your particular needs. Our team at A-TIP Control is fully trained and licensed to apply herbicides and algaecides safely and properly. When used properly, these products will not hurt you, your family, or the environment and can often be the best line of defense against an unruly pond. We use chelated copper rather than copper sulfate in our treatments, which gives longer control with less environmental impact. We combine naturally occurring biological additives with our chelated copper treatments to speed up the decomposition of decaying algae.